At Home In The Tropics Seasonal Caribbean Bed and Breakfast Inn St Thomas Virgin Islands


1680 Dronningens Gade, St. Thomas, VI  00802
Mailing:  POB 6877, St. Thomas, VI  00804

Telephone:  340-777-9857




(western harbor view from rooms 1 & 2 upper deck)

As the pictures on this page will show, At Home In The Tropics B&B is a tranquil, relaxing retreat in a setting that combines the beauty of the tropics - turquoise water sparkling in the sun, islands meeting the sea, sailing yachts and power yachts and cruise ships coming and going, palm trees waving in the ocean breeze - with the beauty of Danish West Indian historical architecture. 
These views are like no other. 
At Home In the Tropics has plenty of room to spread out, and where ever you choose, you will be looking out at St. Thomas harbor, the harbor islands and the Caribbean beyond. 
Located on an ancient step street, this walled and gated property is surrounded not just by beautiful mansions and interesting ruins, but by the tropical fruit and flowering trees that the people of the Virgin Islands have always lived among.




(harbor view due south from rooms 1 & 2 upper deck)

(hassel island view from rooms 1 & 2 upper deck)



(at home in the tropics main gate and courtyard from government house steps)

(the b&b facade on government house steps)



(a view of b&b from street above)

(guest room french doors under pergola, main courtyard)



(pool deck and archway beside room 4)

(eastern harbor view in late afternoon with
government house in foreground)



(looking west with palm tree and moon)

(open gallery facing harbor)



(view of cruise ship leaving harbor at dusk with lutheran parsonage chimney in foreground)

(morning view of pool)



(umbrella table deck beyond pool)

(umbrella table deck beyond pool)


(breeze through lace curtains in living room)

(palm tree, chimney, roof tops in pink harbor sunset)


(sunset view of western harbor and harbor islands)

(pool deck from under awning)



(b&b living room)

(b&b living room)


(b&b dining room & lending library)

(open gallery from window seat)
(pool from umbrella table deck)

(pool and inn from umbrella table deck)

(view from kitchen door)

(wicker and blue shutters on gallery)


(palm and breadfruit trees, umbrella table deck)